Cut Through the Haze

As the US healthcare industry faces fundamental shifts in its economic models, companies selling to and serving this market find their buyers increasingly risk averse, cost conscious, and insecure.  In this environment, sellers are often forced into reactive responses to customers they don’t know well on stale, ambiguous topics – such as volume to value, total cost of care, or the triple aim.  Success requires driving selling cycles that generate demand rather than reacting to buying cycles, guiding clients with impactful ideas rather than rehashing the same overworked issues, and de-risking the purchase process rather than asking for unearned trust.  Top executives in these companies are turning to McMann & Ransford to achieve true differentiation and attain outcomes that deeply matter for their clients versus being another voice claiming – and often failing – to improve their outcomes. McMann & Ransford solves the problem of commoditization by empowering our clients to cut through the haze and work in their customers’ executive offices, continuously renewing differentiation across their suite of products and services.

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McMann & Ransford’s Sales Force SuccessSM model enables sales executives to drive increased revenue performance by leveraging untapped yet conventional areas of focus.
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