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All B2B companies find themselves needing to provide more impactful solutions to their valuable markets and customers. One key aspect of this is Professional Services (PS). Leveraged correctly, PS provides several advantages:

1. Access to the Executive suite and the topics that garner executive interest

2. Ability to make a real difference in customer businesses

3. Opportunities to enlarge deals

4. Additional pull-through for commoditized products and services

However, B2B companies’ inclinations work against properly leveraging a PS business. PS is a ”knowledge worker” people business that requires unique management and talent development to reach its peak. The better organized and developed the PS group, the more impact and value it can drive for the organization.

We are the leader in helping captive PS businesses reach their potential for the corporation. We have worked with over 100 captive PS businesses through all aspects of PS, including strategy, portfolio, offer management, talent, delivery rigor, and much more.


Powering Professional Services with Outcomes

Professional Services can be an indispensable tool for creating customer intimacy if it focuses on outcomes.

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Advisory Services in Healthcare

Best Practices in an Advisory Services Business Provide the Path to Strategic Differentiation and Customer Intimacy.

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Renewable Differentiation

The Antidote to Accelerated Commoditization.

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Connecting Your Embedded PS Business to Your Strategy

Turning the Primary Revenue Gears to Drive Growth and Value.

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Monday June 5, 2023

No one likes running late, however, while we may not like to hear it, running behind is a constant for any consultant actively working with a client. Unexpected circumstances and…

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Monday June 5, 2023

We all dread receiving bad news, but sometimes it is even more challenging to be the one who must deliver bad news. Unfortunately, it's a reality in many professional careers,…

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Thursday June 1, 2023

In the dynamic world of Professional Services (PS), businesses are always seeking effective strategies to optimize performance and profitability. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect is the concept of 'Utilization'.…

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Introducing the Stakeholder Meeting

Any meaningful initiative that an organization is looking to undertake requires more support than a single sponsor at the client. Appropriately leveraging a Stakeholder Meeting can help engage other key parties and make initiatives more likely to succeed.

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Project Management in Consulting

Description: Project Management is often isolated as a role with specific boundaries but in reality, it encompasses much more. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann discusses the differences between learning the science of project management and the art of a successful project delivery.

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Adding Value to an Executive Relationship

A successful executive relationship consists of you adding value to the executive’s career and the executive providing value to your career as well. Although at first glance this may sound simple, differentiating yourself from the hundreds and thousands of other professional relationships that executives hold poses challenges.

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