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Ideal Stakeholder Meeting Outcomes

While the ideal end to any Stakeholder Meeting is a deal, there are a variety of other positive outcomes as well. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann shares some of the key next steps of a productive Stakeholder Meeting and how they can be leveraged to drive to a deal.

Stakeholder Meeting Imperatives

Stakeholder Meetings can often be derailed either by ourselves as we lead or outside parties. Consciously preparing for and structuring the meeting using these tips can help ensure clarity and brevity.

The Consultant’s Journey

A consulting organization’s success in developing its talent defines its future delivery model. Without deliberately training junior resources on a variety of different skills and offers, we can unintentionally find ourselves with specialized silos rather than a functional delivery team.

Introducing the Stakeholder Meeting

Any meaningful initiative that an organization is looking to undertake requires more support than a single sponsor at the client. Appropriately leveraging a Stakeholder Meeting can help engage other key parties and make initiatives more likely to succee

Product Selling vs. True Solutions Selling

Organizations often struggle to differentiate between selling products and selling true solutions to customer challenges. In this video, Dean McMann discusses how to leverage consultants to support the solutions selling process and guide the client through a sale.

Introducing Idea Meetings

Preliminary sales conversations with high level and executive buyers must be focused on ideas rather than offers or solutions. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann outlines why this is so critical and explains how to structure what we call “idea meetings.