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Companies truly only have three levers to compete and create value. These levers are what they offer and to whom, financing the business and providing a return to investors, and the complex system of People and talent applied to efforts. Often times, companies assume away their talent due to the complexity of people management.

We support the Talent Organization in two fundamental ways:

1. At best, the HR Talent organization operates like an internal consulting organization that advises the broader company to be successful. We have created over 50 internal (i.e., embedded) consulting organizations and are experts in helping the HR Talent organization fulfill this fundamental role, which allows all other efforts to be successful.

2. All HR Talent organizations struggle to meet their initiative needs and demands. In addition, they cannot staff the experts needed for Just-In-Time talent programs. M&R provides extensive support for these efforts so demands can be met and outcomes are realized.


Powering Professional Services with Outcomes

Professional Services can be an indispensable tool for creating customer intimacy if it focuses on outcomes.

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Advisory Services in Healthcare

Best Practices in an Advisory Services Business Provide the Path to Strategic Differentiation and Customer Intimacy.

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Renewable Differentiation

The Antidote to Accelerated Commoditization.

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Connecting Your Embedded PS Business to Your Strategy

Turning the Primary Revenue Gears to Drive Growth and Value.

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Thursday December 8, 2022

In our previous blogs in this series, we introduced that the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) role is a growth differentiator to enable businesses to harness the entire commercial power of…

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Wednesday November 2, 2022

In our previous blog in this series, we introduced the notion that the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) role is a growth differentiator to enable businesses to harness the entire commercial…

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Tuesday October 18, 2022

Driving organic growth is consistently one of the top goals of for-profit businesses or organizations. Other goals such as quality, customer and employee satisfaction, research and other investment, cash flow, and…

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Introducing the Stakeholder Meeting

Any meaningful initiative that an organization is looking to undertake requires more support than a single sponsor at the client. Appropriately leveraging a Stakeholder Meeting can help engage other key parties and make initiatives more likely to succeed.

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Project Management in Consulting

Description: Project Management is often isolated as a role with specific boundaries but in reality, it encompasses much more. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann discusses the differences between learning the science of project management and the art of a successful project delivery.

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Adding Value to an Executive Relationship

A successful executive relationship consists of you adding value to the executive’s career and the executive providing value to your career as well. Although at first glance this may sound simple, differentiating yourself from the hundreds and thousands of other professional relationships that executives hold poses challenges.

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