August 14th, 2023

Making the Most of Client Interactions

Every interaction with our clients is an opportunity to learn, establish trust, and win more work. When we come to a client event without the appropriate preparation we lose out on a significant opportunity to further establish the relationship and cement ourselves as a trusted advisor. However, total preparation is not feasible. We cannot be … Continue reading “Making the Most of Client Interactions”

July 11th, 2023

Client Interactions – Gathering Data and Reporting Out

Every client has expectations. They’re paying you a lot more than an employee because they view your service as an investment into their business. Because of these high expectations and the associated price tag, your clients need to feel that the value added to them in every interaction is worth the fee. Because of this … Continue reading “Client Interactions – Gathering Data and Reporting Out”

June 6th, 2023

Creating Output

A major reason for the success of streaming services like Netflix has been the elimination, or mitigation, of commercials. After all, everyone hates commercials. With that said, we have all seen them, but have you ever watched a television commercial where it is unclear what they are advertising or selling? If so, I think you … Continue reading “Creating Output”