November 20th, 2020

Three Signs that Suggest It is Time for a Portfolio Review

As we have discussed in the first two blogs in our series, a solutions portfolio is the embodiment of a company’s where to play and how to act strategies that involves cross-business initiatives and investments. Because a portfolio is dynamic and multifaceted, companies often overlook key indicators that tell them to focus their attention on … Continue reading “Three Signs that Suggest It is Time for a Portfolio Review”

October 29th, 2020

Defining the Role of Portfolio Manager

In the last blog in this series, we introduced three challenges companies face that are often symptomatic of poor solutions’ portfolio management. In this blog, we want to delve into the first challenge in more detail – a striking majority of organizations lack a dedicated resource who is responsible for owning the portfolio for the … Continue reading “Defining the Role of Portfolio Manager”

October 20th, 2020

Maximizing the Value of The Solutions Portfolio

What is a portfolio and why is it important? The definition of the word “portfolio” varies greatly based on context, but for this blog series, the word portfolio will not refer to a suite of technology offerings, a financial portfolio, or a static snapshot of a company’s products and services.  Rather, we will use portfolio … Continue reading “Maximizing the Value of The Solutions Portfolio”